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French Bulldog

We walked into Pet Fair on a Sunday about 30 minutes before closing and saw two Frenchie puppies. One was already sold and the other was already being held by another family. We waited and waited to hold him when I decided to ask an employee if we could see him before they closed. Five minutes before the store closed, we finally got to hold him but hadn’t decided if it would be a good time to get a new puppy considering we already had two large dogs. Reluctantly, we gave him back and left for the day. A week passed and we could not stop thinking about the little guy so on Friday I called to see if he was still available, which to my amazement he was!  By Friday night we were bringing him home. 

We named him Goon and he has fit into our family like the puzzle piece we never knew we were missing. I regret not taking him home the very first night we saw him. 

Pet Fair has done a remarkable job working with us as well as the local veterinarians in ensuring Goon got the start he deserved. We can not be more  thankful and satisfied with this little guy! 

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Born Jan. 15th, 2016

We bought Bentley from Pet Fair a little over two years ago and he is the sweetest, smartest, goofy, most loving pup you will ever meet.
He’s a huge couch potato who loves to watch tv especially if there is another dog on the tv. He loves any type of bone or toy I think his record right now for how fast he can destroy a brand new toy is 2 minutes. He loves to go on walks and meet new fur friends! He is a little brother and loves to antagonize his sister as much as he can including pulling on her ears or playing chase through the house.

I don’t know how we got so lucky with such an amazing dog but without Pet Fair Bentley would have never been in our life!

Thanks so much, Pet Fair, for getting  my tortoise kitty, Peaches, off to such a good start!l

She's nicely socialized from keeping company with the other kitties in your window.  Also, thanks to the first round of Veterinarian care that you provided, she's super healthy.

Many thanks,
Judy (Peaches' new Mom)

Born Oct. 18th, 2016

Mason loves treats and smiling at the camera!
Mini Pot Belly Pig

Hi guys! I wanted to send you a picture of Leroy. I bought him from you guys a year ago and he’s lived a happy and fun filled life with his adopted BIG brother, Ben. In these two pics they are inside on a cold, winter day enjoying cuddles and the fireplace. They are looking forward to having an adopted little sister!!
(Leroy is the much smaller one!)

Great Dane

Born Nov. 7th, 2017

At only 11 weeks, Luke is already taller than his Cocker Spaniel sibling! He's growing like a weed

Born Oct. 29th, 2017

My mother, Luz Moore, brought home Lucky last Thursday, and she's never been happier.  Lucky filled the void in my mother's heart, and he has also made new friends with the two chiweenies Spot and Spunky.  He loves his new home, and his new friends and Lucky loves us too.  My mother would like to thank Pet Fair for Lucky, who from day one has already become part of the family.  We ourselves are incredibly Lucky, literally for finding him. 
Thank you so much Pet Fair  
Shiba Inu

This is her second update. I got her in January. She is now 6 months old and doing great!!! She's loves everybody and she even has a new little sister. Nina is a 3 month old husky and they are inseparable! Z was such a wonderful addition to the family and we love her so much!  She loves going to the dog park and enjoying puppichinos from Starbucks. Thank you again Pet Fair for introducing me to my best friend!
A few weeks ago we adopted our forever friend! Her name is Z and she's a Shiba Inu. Since we got her she's gained two pounds. She's growing so fast. Her favorite toys are her fox squeaky toy and her chew sticks. She loves going on walks and chasing leaves as the wind blows. She's learning so fast. She already knows how to sit, shake, lay down, and roll over!!! 

Thank you so much Pet Fair! We love her!!!
Saint Bernard

Born 12/31/17

5.5 months old, 75lbs
French Bulldog

Born Oct 10th, 2016
Bentley has made lots of friends, enjoys playtime and weighs about 32lbs!
His parents are his favorite people in the world- lots of love there.

Australian Shepherd
Born Sept. 9th, 2017
Daisy Marie

American Eskimo

Cotton has a little sister!
Daisy Marie joined the Hunt family on 6/26/18

"She fits right in like she’s always been there. We love her SO much!!"

Meet Cotton! 
He turned 1 on March 12, 2018. We can’t imagine our lives without him! ​​


We bought Chewy at Pet Fair and he's been such a loving addition to our family.
Its interesting how a little animal can change the dynamics of our home. He has brought us together and made our family.
He is a huge responsibility and by that our children have grown to understand what it takes to sustain another life. They love him so much.
He loves his Kennel/own play area. We found that by giving him his own space that he uses the potty more consistently vs roaming and spraying everywhere. That was a lesson learned for all of us. Yes we study our lil pooch. Lol
He loves to sleep with us, he loves when we scratched his back, he loves playing ball and can do some tricks! We posted some videos of what he can do on instagram. #chewyTheHavanese
We are very greatfull we found him at Pet Fair!
He is a very happy Dog.  [❤] ️

Jo Jo.

Born July 4th, 2017
Follow him on Instagram: @Chewythehavanese
Thunder the Bunny
Barron von Lowerison
Hi!! I'm Thunder,  I'm 3 months old and I'm very happy with my mom and dad,  I love them so much, I wake up every morning and kiss them!! We go out to the park and have fun together, they are very patient with me because I'm still a baby bunny! 
I'm starting to eat some carrots and spinach and I love it!! My favorite treat is yogurt drop Yummm!!  I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that my parents  choose me to be part of the family [❤]  kisses  [🐇] [💋]


Born Aug. 1st, 2016


Great Pyrenees
Born September 28, 2017

We got Rolex around Thanksgiving and, since then, he has grown a lot. He has the biggest heart and loves making new friends, both people and other animals. He likes to spend time outside and laying in bed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Born 1/15/2016
Eevee is such a great addition to the family! She spends her days plotting the destruction of squirrels who foolishly invade her backyard. She likes to sit on the sofa, just like the humans do. She welcomes people into the house with… not just her tail… but also with exaggerated waggles of her whole body. She is an expert kitchen counter monitor, and she does her part to keep that area clean of food.

She has an older sister who is a 10 lb poodle so Eevee believes she is also a poodle. As a result she needs assistance getting into bed at night because she believes she is a foot and a half tall. She sometimes sleeps with her tongue sticking out. She is sweet, and caring, and she fills our home with joy and laughter. Thank you for our goofy, loveable horse-dog, Pet Fair.
-Garnette Family
Great Dane

Joined the pack- the little Yorkie was also from Pet Fair 10 years ago!


My baby all grown up, I named him Rocco. I just thought you should see him. I’m happy with my dog and the process of taking a new family member home from Pet Fair.
5 months now!

She is a good girl! The way you had her walking around the store helped her gain trust in people and she walks by us even without a leash. She doesn’t bark yet LOL...
French Bulldog

Just wanted to share an update with you guys on Lola! Thank you for selling us our little new bundle of joy!

Lionhead Rabbit

Honey came home with me from Pet Fair March 31st and has grown so much over the past two months and is loved by all of her family.
Thank you! 
Great Dane
Born December 12th, 2016

Khloe is over a year now and has so much more energy and personality. Tegan (chihuahua) does love her new sister to pieces, most of the time.  I’m convinced she talks her into getting things off the counter. 
Khloe is definitely a different dane in so many good ways. She’s got her own way of doing things for sure. She loves her 24 toys to be all over the house, she is a runner, fetching is her thing, contrary to her body size she loves swimming. She’s super smart and very independent.   And most strange is that she is not afraid of anything, not even thunder or fireworks. 
We love her very much. 
From her first night home-
I figured you guys never really got the first night images. She seemed to be very loved so I wanted to assure you guys that she is in good hands. 
Thank you!  Her sister is a chihuahua named Tegan. She grew up with a Great Dane so they will go well together.
She's growling in her sleep.
Doberman Pinscher

Born December 16th, 2016

We instantly  fell in love with our dobe the moment we laid eyes on him. He is such a goofball & a great guard dog
Sophee Parmesan Albright

Pom/Bichon mix we love her so much!! 

Born March 1st, 2017

She’s a crazy pup.  Her full name is Paisley Joy.  She loves to eat and play (still acts like she did at 6 months).  We live in an apartment with 2 dog parks and she has many doggie friends!  She loves all dogs and all people.  Hasn’t met one of either she didn’t like yet. 

She was spayed at 6 months and did great.  She has never gotten sick and is in great health.  She loves to chew on things, even if it’s not her toys and is mostly potty trained.   Her favorite toy is the stuffed animal with squeakers and the rope arms of a Zebra, that’s the ONLY toy she’s not chewed up.   We will play fetch for hours with that thing inside.



Rescue Pup
We love him and he loves us. Ace loves to play with toys especially the squeaky toy. He jumped into his puppy bed as soon as he saw it.
He knows about going outside for puppy accidents, but he told me that he was just a puppy not perfect. It is so nice to have Ace as part of the family we will send more pics as he grows up.


Was adopted 5/11/18, 4 months old is having a really great time with her new family of 3 cats mom and dad. She has brought so much joy in our life in less then a week. Is really a great puppy, sleeps all night from the day we got her only 1 accident, spoiled already.

 Mr. Ace is doing so good. He is the best dog / puppy friend that my family has ever had. We've always had dogs that run off when we go outside. It was very sad because my wife and I like to go to the beach a lot or go fishing and we could never take our dog/pup. Mr. Ace is such a good puppy. He never runs far from us and has developed his own fantastic personality.
He loves to run run run, and if we go to sleep, he goes to sleep right along with us. Here are a few pics of Ace and he is the most handsome pup ever for us. We are so grateful to PET FAIR and of course our son, Jacob, for bringing Ace home to us.